Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Big John's Burritos & Supermo Tostada

Our good buddy John frequently makes these burritos for our tailgate parties and if you don't grab one quick you won't get one! Roll them up ahead of time and heat on a griddle if you have one available, or heat in a microwave, or on a skillet.
2 pounds stew meat
Cook meat with onions and garlic to taste for about 5 hrs or until you can shred the meat.
Add (2) envelopes of Burrito spices & seasonings
Mix well.
Fold meat & cheese in small flower burrito shells (soft flour tortillas)
Should make 30 burritos. Can fry or microwave as desired.
Top with any favored sauces and enjoy!

If you're really hungry, try this variation......

Supermo Tostada
Make the burritos above.
Place 2 burritos on plate
Paint on refried beans, then top with favorite goodies'
Guac - sour cream - olives - hot sauce
Onion - lettuce - tomatoes & ranch dressing on top

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